Audie Murphy "Ride a Crooked Trail" Open Car, Truck & Cycle Show - Jun 2014

Members of "Texas Bowties" Car Club met up at Mama Margie's and to the shock off all, "Bobby" was the early bird this day.  He must of got a good nights sleep on his new "Sleep Number Bed"!  After throwing down some breakfast tacos and acounting for everyone scheduled to go, Ralph led the way to the Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital and location of the car show.  Once the cars were lined up and prepared, everyone kicked back and enjoyed cold beverages, started conversation and got busy checking out the cars and trucks in attendance.  At approximately 11:30 am four members of the group took part in judging the San Antonio Camaro Club (SACC) cars and then returned to what they were doing earlier in the day.  Small oak trees lining the parking lot and light cloud cover provided shade from the sun, while a cool breeze throughout provided the finishing touch to a perfect day.  At the conclusion of the awards ceremony most of the members made their way to Hooters for some hot wings, french fries and drinks.  Someone ordered a batch of hot wings with a little kick and soon teary-eyed Bobby could be heard saying while he was eating one "My lips are on Fire" while at the other end of the table Michael could be seen finishing off the remainder like an episode of "Man vs Food".   


Director Choice                                                  Rudy P.                  1968 Camaro SS

Best in Class - Buick/Olds/Pontiac                Ralph G.                1973 Hurst Olds

Outstanding in Class - 68-96 Corvette         Lisa V.                    1976 Corvette                  

Outstanding in Class - 67-81 Camaro          Kelly T.                   1969 Camaro SS

Outstanding in Class - Chevelle                     Michael M.            1972 Chevelle SS



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Magdalena House.

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